Softwcare starts its activity in September, 2001 as an engineering and consulting company specialized in the industrial development of new techniques and methods to verify and assure the robustness of the software of critical applications and the quality of its developments.
Since then, Softwcare has extended its scope as a consulting firm to the preventive care and clinical treatment of software products and services and their development and/ or acquisition processes.

Softwcare DOES NOT DEVELOP software. It takes care of its customers’ software.

Softwcare benefits from an integral vision of this sector thanks to:

uno The wide experience of its staff in the development of critical software
dos Its collaboration, over these years, with developers and buyers of software products in Europe and Latin America.
tres Its intense activity of dynamization of the software professional community

Softwcare is ISO 9001 certified. The Quality Policy of Softwcare aims to provide customers with the agreed services within the defined quality, respecting the budget, the delivery deadlines agreed and all the requirements for full satisfaction. This quality policy is approved by the management and it is constantly maintained to be in context with the company goals, to be consistent with the strategic direction. It is the reference framework for the establishment of business objectives, and it includes a commitment to cotinuous compliance, continuous improvement of the management system, and communicating it both externally and internally. The quality policy covers all Softwcare’s activities:
– Software Safety and Dependability Evaluation
– Software verification and validation
– Process evaluation and improvement
– Certification of ISO/IEC 29110 profiles for VSEs
– Training
– R + D + I

Softwcare is managed by:

Management Team Advisory Board
Patricia Rodríguez Dapena, Founder & CEO Carlos Álvarez Iglesias
Javier Picos García