Softwcare collaborates with suppliers and buyers in the preventive care and clinical treatment of their software products and services and their development and/ or acquisition processes.

Softwcare DOES NOT DEVELOP software. It takes care of its customers’ software.

Software suppliers Software buyers
Whom we support in the continuous productivity improvement of their processes and the quality of their products, contributing an overall view of software development, which we direct through our portfolio of specific services: Whom we support in the decision taking process in each of the phases of the software products acquisition cycle (including the product acceptance stage), through a range of “independent” services to those of the suppliers:

Software process assessment and improvement of:

Software product evaluation:

Before the contract of acquisition of the software product:

During development or before software product set up:

After reception of the software product:

Software professionals

Specific training courses on software engineering:

In addition, Softwcare performs research and development and training activities regarding, in particular, the preventive care and clinical treatment of software products and processes through our:

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