Softwcare performs the following services regarding the evaluation of software products:

Support to the RFP process

We support the buyer throughout the software product or service acquisition process, fundamentally through the definition of the technical and other contractual requirements (functionalities, maintenance, support, guarantees, performance, environment of use, etc.) in order to facilitate the later evaluation of the acquired product before its final acceptance.

Safety and dependability assessment

By using traditional static analysis methods and our proprietary methodology, SoftCare™, we give recommendations about the redesign of the product in order to improve its robustness, we identify the criticality level of certain parts of the product, optimizing its development costs, and we define and execute specially difficult and costly robustness tests.

Independent Software Validation and Verification (ISVV)

We identify, with independence from the software supplier, potential deficiencies in the software product by analysing completeness, consistency, robustness, etc aspects, thru both static analysis and the later recreation of scenarios and execution of tests, that evaluate, for example, the software reliability and robustness, some important functionalities, etc.

Product evaluation (Software Audit)

Independent software evaluation where we evaluate specific aspects requested by the client such as functionality and safety, as well as other quality aspects (for example, the ones specified in the ISO 9126 standard), etc.

Software Forensics

We evaluate the software product, with independence from the client and supplier, to check the requirements that define them or to which a purchase / sale has been realized, in order to solve any conflict of judicial character. This evaluation can be done comparing it to other existing products in the market, that could be copies or plagiarisms. On the other hand, this evaluation can be carried out, either on a closed product (based on analysis of existing documentation and performing product tests) or on an open product (to extend its scope up to its code and design analysis).