Softwcare performs the following services regarding the assessment and improvement of software processes:


We certify ISO/IEC 29110 SW basic profile process. The first company issuing CERTIFICATES in Spain (accredited by ENAC). The certificates are renewable every three years and are anually surveyed. Our process and our impartiality compromise are available at this link.

We are accredited assessors by the Assessor Certification and Registration Scheme (ARCS) fake watches to perform the required assessments for certification on behalf of any officially accredited certifying firm (Softwcare, us) and with independence of improvement and diagnostic assessment tasks.

Assessment of software process capability or maturity using process assessment models different than ISO/IEC 29110

We assess the software and systems life cycle processes of an organization, department or project, according to CMMI, ISO/IEC 15504-5 (SPICE) or other ISO conformant models of evaluation for specific domains, such as automobile (Automotive SPICE, ISO/IEC 26262), space (SPICE for Space),  avionic (DO-178-C) or medical devices (CEI/IEC 62304). In this sense, Softwcare assessors are accredited by Intacs/ARCS and use our documented SPA Framework™ methodology, conformant with the ISO/IEC 33004 standard.

These assessments are performed ONLY for organizational units not requiring ISO/IEC 29110 certifications.

Immediately after the conclusions of an initial evaluation or diagnosis, we help in the definition of the plans of improvement actions, which can cover other additional aspects like training, the review and initial description of the organizational procedures, the mentoring of their implementation and the execution of preliminary points of control to prepare the final evaluation regarding the completion of the improvement actions.