What is SoftCare™ Methodology?
The SoftCare™ Methodology, developed by Softwcare, tries to identify the software failures that can have serious consequences in a system (loss of human lives or of the own system, economic losses, market losses, etc.). Through its application along the different produce development life cycle phases it better supports the assurance of its safety and dependability (reliability, availability and maintainability).
The SoftCare ™ Methodology is based on the idea that the systematic and static checking of potential software failures during and from the first phases of the critical software development life cycle phases it radically reduce the risks of system failure derived from software problems before its use in real operations.
Why does SoftCare™ Methodology contribute more value?
Traditional techniques for static analysis of systems’ safety and reliability, such as FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis) and FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) are already applied at the system level, parallel to other dynamic techniques.
For this reason, and for a complete integration with the system level analyses, the SoftCare™ Methodology combines the best of both techniques (the combined use of these techniques allows optimizing the analyses of software products), further including in an exclusive way the necessary specific adjustments to be applied to software.